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Computer Repair Financial Model/Business Plan Excel Template

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Financial Dashboard in Excel To Track Your Business Performance





Five-year computer repair business plan template xls for startups and entrepreneurs to impress investors and get funded. Key financial charts, summaries, metrics, and funding forecasts built-in. Created with the mind of the computer repair business. Use computer repair financial forecast template before acquiring computer repair business, and get funded by banks or investors. Unlocked - edit all.


The computer repair projected income statement template excel is an ideal computer repair for your computer repair business that enables you to analyze and monitor your business financial plans, cash flow forecast template excel, and future financial projections with the support of relevant input tables, charts, KPIs measures, and ratios. It gives an investor a clear picture of your company sources and utilization of funds which help them to make wise investment decisions. It’s a powerful excel computer repair with strong foundations for financial plan. Users can expand and tailor all included sheets as desired, handle specific requirements, or get into greater detail.



Our team has designed the computer repair pro forma income statement template excel that will help you make informed principal business and financial decisions based on accurate reporting. computer repair financial forecast template contains all relevant statements and charts.


Successful businesses constantly find opportunities to improve their business activities and looking for creative ways to provide better services to their customers. If you are seeking up the right formula for managing your computer repair business so, you are at the right place! Because The right business financial model template is of no lesser importance for your computer repair startup and for a well-existed business.


The objective of the computer repair feasibility study template excel is to take every opportunity possible to help your business grow and try to work around keeping threats such as liquidity away from the business and to improve financial wealth for the owner and to build a good reputation within the community so people feel invited and welcomed when they visit the computer repair.



All in One Place

Gain access to a fully customizable yet simple-to-use 5 year financial projection template. Our powerful computer repair financial model excel template will be your guide to extraordinary business modeling. If you have financial experience, you can add to and tailor all of the sheets as needed.

Computer Repair Financial Model Excel Template All In One


Your numbers in the three statement model template will look everything but boring by the time you've set up your business inputs. Ready to copy/paste on your deck.

Computer Repair Business Plan Excel Template Dashboard

Detailed Financial Statement

Our well-designed financial plan template is capable of creating all necessary business financials template, calculation, and forecast to help the entrepreneurs. With reports, charts, and graphs generated by the financial projection excel, you can effortlessly communicate with investors and financiers to convey your proposal or the company's progress.
These compact graphs and charts summarize the financial data for a presentation to potential investors.

Computer Repair Business Plan Excel Template Summary Financial Statements

Sources And Uses Of Cash

The sources and uses of cash statement calculated by the excel pro forma template provides the customer with a summary of the sources of the funding and the spending of those sources. The sources and uses of capital statement is structured in a way that the sources and uses sides should be equal to each other.
When the company considers recapitalization, restructuring, or merger & acquisitions (M&A) procedures, then the sources and uses template excel statement is the vital document for these procedures.

Computer Repair Budget Excel Template Sources and Uses Breakdown Report

Break Even In Sales

Break-even is the terminology used for a situation wherein the company is already able to cover all its costs with the revenue earned. In other words, this is the point when the company is neither making money nor losing money.
The break even point excel is a useful concept in studying the relation between the variable cost, fixed cost, and the company's revenue. Usually, companies with low fixed cost levels have a low cvp chart excel.

Computer Repair Financial Model Excel Template Break Even Chart

Top Revenue

One of the top concerns of a company's management is the generation of revenues for a sustainable business. As such, in preparing a financial model, management should ensure to accurately forecast and present future revenues because it is one of the main drivers of the enterprise's value in the business financial model template. An inaccurate revenue forecast will affect everything else in the startup pro forma template.
It is important for management and financial analysts to be keen on details when planning and devising the best strategy and approach to modeling future revenue streams. In this budget financial model, proforma templates assist in forecasting revenue by working with detailed assumptions about growth rates based on historical financial data.

Computer Repair Financial Projection Excel Template Top Revenue

Business Top Expenses List

The top expenses tab inside the startup financial model template reflects all your expenses. It calculates the top four expenses for a quick view. Also, this financial projection model template provides you with a detailed analysis of costs, including customers acquisition costs and fixed costs. Once you figure out your spending, you are in a better position to manage your finances and improve your profitability.

Computer Repair Financial Model Excel Template Top Expenses




Startup costs are the basis of any business; that is why these are a vital part of any projected cash flow statement template excel. Continuous monitoring of startup costs helps you from financial losses and misuse of investors' funding.
The five year financial projection template has a special pre-designed proforma that deals with investors' funding and spending in various blocks. The correct use of these proforma provides you with the best planning results and expenses forecast.

Computer Repair Budget Excel Template Variable Expenses Assumptions

CAPEX Investment

For any startup, capex expenses are necessary to ensure that the business develops evenly and quickly, and also to help build up profits. Therefore, typical business startup costs help to introduce new methods and technologies into the business. By taking care of the business financial statements, analysts estimate the startup expenses in the projected balance sheet for startup business, so business owners create a well-developed capital expenditure plan. At the same time, cash flow projection business plan do not change much.

Computer Repair Cash Flow Projection Excel Template Capital Expenditure Inputs

Loan opt-in

Our financial model for startup has a loan amortization schedule that will help users track everything related to their loans. You can find this template in the 'Capital' tab. The loan amortization schedule has proformas with pre-built formulas for internal calculations of the loans, interest, and equity.

Computer Repair Financial Plan Excel Template Debts Inputs



Profitability KPIs

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (also known as ebitda operating income) in the business plan excel template shows a company's profitability. This metric includes both monetary and non-monetary items, which differentiates it from cash flows. ebitda on income statement is widely used in various industries to show the potential profitability of leveraged buyouts.

Computer Repair Financial Forecast Excel Template EBIT EBITDA

Cash Flow Format In Excel

The importance of cash flow planning and forecasting in any business startup is demonstrated by business plan cash flow template. The pro forma cash flow statement template displays both the amount paid and the amount received. You may utilize it to come up with fresh ideas and keep track of your finances.
This is a fantastic tool for analyzing your financial activities and assisting you in increasing your capital turnover and revenue. Large businesses will benefit from this choice. If you're a business owner, it's a good idea to use these techniques to improve your operations.

Computer Repair Financial Forecast Excel Template Summary Cash Flow Statement

KPI Benchmarking Report

A 3 statement financial model template benchmark tab calculates the company's key performance indicators, either business or financial, and finds an industry-wide average as a comparison. The industry average metrics are then used to determine the relative value for benchmarking analysis.
Financial benchmarks are essential for the financial planning of companies, especially for start-ups. These studies help companies determine the 'best practice' companies within the industry and compare their own financial results with these best practices. It is a useful financial and strategic management tool.

Computer Repair Cash Flow Forecast Excel Template Industry KPI Benchmark Report

Pro Forma Income Statement

Today, the forecasted profit and loss forecast template is successfully used to simulate net profit, its increase or decrease. As a rule, this happens according to a certain period of time. This method is most successfully used for forecasting for several years ahead. Thanks to this you will be able to keep your finances under control and manage them competently.

Computer Repair Cash Flow Projection Excel Template Summary Profit and Loss Statement

Projected Balance Sheet Template

Forecasting the pro forma balance sheet for a startup business is an important element of any financial model template for business plan's job because the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement are all linked and must flow together. While investors may not be as interested in the pro forma balance sheet for a startup business as they are in the income statement, pro forma balance predictions play an important part in the development of the cash flow forecasting model excel, which is something that investors are quite interested in. A projected balance sheet template excel prediction may also assist investors in determining whether their net income estimates are reasonable by allowing them to calculate profitability ratios like return on equity and return on invested capital.

Computer Repair Financial Model Excel Template Summary Balance Sheet



Startup Valuation Multiples

The startup valuation model spreadsheet includes the calculation of the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Discounted Cash Flows (DCF), and Free Cash Flows (FCF). Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) reflects the company's capital cost with the breakdown to the equity and debt that is weighted proportionally. WACC is a substantial risk assessment tool that banks evaluate before granting a loan.
Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) calculation shows the value of future cash flows, which is essential for assessing investment opportunities.

Computer Repair Financial Plan Excel Template DCF Valuation


This capitalization table is very important because it gives information about the company's finances and capital. In addition, the pro forma cap table contains the company's shares and options, as well as all data about them and their sources. It can be used to calculate the percentage that each of the investors in the company owns, as well as the amount of money that was paid for the shares.

Computer Repair Financial Plan Excel Template Capitalization Table



Spot problems with customer payments

Preparing the excel template cash flow statement encourages the business to look at how quickly customers are paying their debts. Identify unpaid invoices and take necessary actions to make them pay.

Prove You Can Pay Back the Loan You Requested

When you apply for a business loan, bankers will study your projected cash flow statement in an attempt to answer this question: Can this business pay back the loan? Requesting a loan without showing your cash flow projections template excel for paying it back is a common way to land in the rejection pile. It is exceptionally accurate if your current cash flow won't cover all of your monthly operating expenses — plus your loan payment. Don't fall into this kind of situation. Use cash flow proforma template to strengthen your case by showing the banker exactly how you plan to use the loan and when you will start repaying the debt. This type of forecasting helps you create a road map that can impress a lender with the confidence they need to approve your loan.

Identify cash gaps and surpluses before they happen

Forecasting your future cash balance helps you see well in advance when you may have a cash deficit that could hurt your business. cash flow proforma template will give you enough time to take action to prevent a crisis. It will enable you to access better loan rates or speed up incoming payment to bridge the gap. On the other side, if you know ahead of time that the large lump of cash will lay in your bank account within the next three months. In this case, you might need to explore options to reinvest it in your business to drive growth.

Save time and money

Via financial plan template excel you can without effort and special education get all the necessary calculations and you will not need to spend money on expensive financial consultants. Your task is building a strategy, evolution, and creativity, and we have already done the routine calculations instead of you.

Currency for inputs and denomination

In budget financial model define any currency code or symbol and preferred denomination (e.g. 000s) to reflect your preferences.



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